Congratulations Nathaniel!

SOSUNS athlete Nathaniel has been very busy lately, competing across a range of sports including tennis, sailing and golf. Here’s a few of his most recent achievements:

  • awarded a Gold Medal in singles at the SO State Tennis Competition in Nov 2016
  • competed in the Friendship Cup competition at Lake Tuggeranong in Nov 2016, coming 13th in the doubles division
  • 2nd in the 9 Hole Individual competition at Long Reef Golf Club in Feb 2017
  • recipient of the Batting Award and member of the winning team at the SO State Cricket competition in Feb 2017
  • Silver Medal in the doubles division at the SO State Sailing competition in March 2017

If you or your team have any sporting news or achievements you’d like to share, please post it on our Facebook page or email Stacy at

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